Trippod bugged notifications and more


Charactes names will be mentioned below.
Server: Ezrebet

  1. Tripod notification bug

I have at least two characters where I noticed that resetting tripod notification settings doesn’t work and my old notifications are still active despite the fact that they are no longer “active” - this is really frustrating because I have to filter all amulets manually…

Affected characters:

  • Azinbazin - paladin
  • Techseeker - machinist
  1. Character cannot be invited to raid lobby

Since I remember one of my alts cannot be invited to lobbies, when friends are trying to invite me they are endig up with message that I’m either offline or there is no such character.

Affected character: Jozinbozin - berserker

Above two bugs are so frustrating, please fix my account!

Hey there @Jozinbozin,

We’re so sorry to hear this! Your issue has been reported. Thanks for sharing.

Thx, will I receive feedback about possible fix in this tread?