Trixion is holding my second char captive

My second char is stuck in trixion, she needs to get lvl 250 gear but no pants were included. Now she cant leave trixion. PLEASE HELP.

Hello @Zadatta ! I really hope you are well today.

If your char is stuck. I am able to move it in a another place of the map.

Can you please provide Character´s name and server?

Yes, off course. I’ts called Hiyoriuwuchan and located in Wei server.

Hey @Zadatta !

I moved your characters back to Prideholme so please check the Steam files before open the game.

It is important because if you don’t do this is probably that your character get’s stuck again.

Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Please let us know if this helped you out.


Unfortunatly it didn’t work. I closed my game, was on my main, did the integrity check and restarted. Could you maybe do a roll back on the character to before i did the powerpass? Otherwise i need a lvl 250 Ancient Guardian pants and that would make me be able to continue the quest.

I’ll turn the game of and only restart when i get a reply. Thanks for the help by the way!

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@Zadatta , So Is it working now correctly ?

No, i see a new mail, but i can’t open it while in powerpass mode in trixion. I might just skip the path and miss out on the completion rewards which are Sebastian Pet Selection chest and Collective Battle Item Chest.

I understand, Unfortunately I can not roll back the char.

I can see you will continue playing. You can try to reinstalling the game, even close steam and then check steam files again.

I feel like that won’t work as it’s the save file in which it’s stuck. reinstalling wouldn’t move my char i assume.