Trixion Training Grounds QoL Improvements


  1. Allow a way to save build to revisit later.

  2. Allow a way to save skill build when leaving training grounds.

  3. Provide infinite skill points.

  4. Remove rune restrictions.

  5. Show a reminder for how many skill points actually owned.

  6. Open character settings when pressing Skill Book hotkey (default is K).

  7. Remember the last place you were at when re-opening character settings.

  8. Left click on skill should highlight/open the skill.

  9. Allow an easy way to simulate party synergies.

  10. Allow being able to equip & test any gear set combination.

  11. Allow the ability to Bifrost out of Trixion.

  12. Allow lower level gems.

  13. Allow spawning a player dummy for PVP mode.

  14. Option to show fake cooldown timer overlay but still let you use the skill.

What other suggestions do you guys have?

Suggestions (derived) from others:

  1. Allow an easy way to test stagger / weak-point / identity meter gain. (@staryimoze)


1. Allow a way to save build to revisit later

It’s often the case where we go to Trixion, have to configure all the settings (gems / tripods / skills) and then a friend wants to play together or you have to go IRL. Then when you leave Trixion and come back you have to start all over again. Would be great if there was a way to save your progress into memory via presets/slots, kind of like how Skin Modding presets work.

2. Allow a way to save skill build when leaving training grounds

Once we’re satisfied with a build currently we need to remember all the settings or take screenshots so we can apply it outside of training. It would be great if there was simply a way to save it to a skill page. This is mainly for skills/runes.

The only complication is having a build with more skill points than you actually have. To solve that you could simply show an error popup when you try saving the build to your skill page, indicating that the build has more skill points than you actually have.

3. Provide infinite skill points

We used to be able to add way more skill points than we had to Trixion. It shouldn’t be restricted at all–it should just be infinite. This is useful when you’re debating between two skills at level 10 and you set up the tripods for both, and you’re swapping back and forth between the skills to test them out. With infinite skill points you could put every skill at 10 and then simply drag and drop when you want to test it out.

4. Remove rune restrictions

Outside of training we can only have 8 equipped runes, but inside of training we should be able to attach runes to every skill if we want so we can easily drag/drop them for the same reasons as suggestion #3 above, unbound by the 8 rune limit.

5. Show a reminder for how many skill points actually owned

Frequently when testing I don’t remember how many skill points I have on a given character so I have to exit trixion to remember and write it down.

Before the trixion change it used to go into negative skill points remaining, we can just revert to using that instead. That was much more informative than a flat 450 skill points to work with.

6. Open character settings when pressing Skill Book hotkey (default is K)

Before the Trixion change I could modify my skill points using the Skill Book as usual so I frequently pressed K hotkey to try to open it. However, now it just says “Cannot use Skill Book in this area” instead of just opening the Character Settings. So I have to click on it with my mouse at the top right which slows me down a little bit.


7. Remember the last place you were at when re-opening character settings

If I have to scroll down to change a tripod (on glaivier for example with two sets of skills–so using the “Sort by Equipped Skill by Priority” still doesn’t show all the skills) then I close the window and test it, when I re-open the Character Settings it just scrolls all the way to the top and shows the tripods for the first skill instead which is really confusing.

Similarly, I could be changing gems, close the window, re-open it, and it goes back to showing me the tripods of the first skill.

Really annoying, it should just remember the state you were at before you closed the window.

8. Left click on skill should highlight/open the skill

Simple change–when clicking on the skills on the left it should open the tripod window for that skill. Right now it does nothing and you have to scroll up and down to find the skill again.

9. Allow an easy way to simulate party synergies

Currently to simulate support buffs you have to turn on things like Spirit Absorption 2, Mana Increase 3. To simulate a 10% crit buff you have to add 270 crit stat, do simulate 18% crit buff you have to add 504 crit, and so forth.

My suggestion is to just add checkboxes for each type of team synergy so you can select whatever combination you desire. Less impressive/modular alternative option is to have 3 dropdowns representing your other 3 teammates and you choose what class they are. And then all of their synergies could be active at once. Actually just thought of this as I was typing but the best option would be to have the 3 dropdowns, and depending on the class you select, checkboxes appear to the side of them so you can turn on/off certain synergies that class has.

10. Allow being able to equip & test any gear set combination

We should be able to test relic/argos gear set combinations as well as standalone. This would greatly impact our planning for the future when testing builds / classes. Right now we have to wait til we’re 1415 and actually obtain the relic gear sets to see if we will truly like a class in its current “final form”

11. Allow the ability to Bifrost out of Trixion

I would also like to be able to teleport out of Trixion but I understand that it’s supposed to be thematically impossible since you’re in like some alternate dimension/plane of existence. We should at least be able to Bifrost out–even Thor can bifrost to/from Asgard so why can’t we Bifrost to/from Trixion? Thematically it’d make sense!

12. Allow lower level gems

I’m not sure why you can’t bring lower level gems than level 5, seems silly–what was the point of doing that? Let us test all level of gems. This causes a big QoL issue because if my alt has level 3 gems and I go into training grounds, it unequips all of them because they don’t “exist” in these training grounds. Whereas if I went into trixion already equipping level 5 gems then it translates them right in.

13. Allow spawning a player dummy for PVP mode

Haven’t been impacted by this yet but is something that just occurred to me, should be able to spawn a player dummy so you can test out your PVP skills. When you spawn a player dummy maybe your skills all switch to their PVP counterpart, or maybe there’s a checkbox somewhere to turn on PVP mode.


(Ignore the scuffed mouse-writing I was too lazy for Photoshop lol)

14. Option to show fake cooldown timer overlay but still let you use the skill

So this is kind of a niche suggestion but right now we have four options:


It would be great if we could add an option like “Fake Cooldowns” so we can see the timer for when the skill would be up, but still show the cooldown timer. This is useful in scenarios where you’re trying to proc conviction/judgment for example. You get your conviction proc off but judgment doesn’t proc on your second skill so you have to restart the whole scenario again instead of just spamming the skill that’s supposed to proc judgment to simulate a best case scenario.

You could even replace the normal behavior of “No Cooldowns” to do this but it might seem counter intuitive that there still a cooldown timer. The cooldown timer is still useful to see when the skill would’ve normally been off cd.

15. Allow an easy way to test stagger / weak-point / identity meter gain

(Derived from an idea by @staryimoze )

We should have an easier way to view how much stagger / weak-point damage we do. The current way to test stagger/weak-point involves spawning a boss with the blue CC bar and comparing how far the bar moves versus other skills. If there were some logs of how much stagger damage we’re doing or even some nice charts with numbers that would be great!

We need a way to see how much identity meter certain skills give us. For example on support when testing builds it would be amazing to be able to see which skills with which tripods provide the fastest identity meter gain. Right now the only way I’m aware of for testing this is to start with an empty meter then spam the same skill over and over again until it fills up and then calculate the percentage based on how many times you had to use the skill to get it to max. If there was instead some numbers or fancy charts that could display that stat that would be awesome!



I would like to be able to test my stagger. Depending on tripods, runes and how many hits you land (for multi hit skills) it can be very different from what game suggests with its helpful “Stagger: value” hint. I also don’t mean only tripods with clear change like “stagger from low to mid”, but also things that increase number of hits being done by skill.

Maybe counter test could be useful, tho AFAIK it triggers when u deal damage, so not that big of a deal.

There is a Training Area with both stagger and counter practice, but it locks you to specific skills and no tripods, so not very useful. Alternatively let us change presets in Training Area.

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Completely agree with stagger idea! I’ll edit that suggestion into the main post ^^.

Dunno how useful testing counters would be, what are you trying to test in that scenario? Whether or not the counter works or?

Btw one way you can test staggernow if you didn’t know, it is really inconvenient but works, is you can summon a boss in Trixion and see how much the blue CC bar goes down. However the blue CC bar is weak point + stagger combined I believe so it’s not as accurate.

Oh just thought of it but we should have some way to test weak point / identity meter gain as well!

Just practice the timing, but as I said it probably triggers at the same moment you see damage numbers, so you can do it that way I guess. I would like to test different angles on stationary target tho.

Weak point you have numerical value of how much you apply to enemy (1, 2 or 3) so I don’t think that this is needed.

Identity meter I personally just test by repeatedly using one skill until I have more or less idea for it.
You can reset identity by using it (just press button to fill it up if your testing didn’t). Tho of course it would be cool if he were given some kind of numbers to see here for easier testing, kinda like DPS meter, but Identity Per Second instead.

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Ah ok true, in that case the weak point probably doesn’t matter. Just wasn’t sure on the exact mechanics of weak point, if a skill with weak point level 2 is a multi-hit or chain ability how much weak point does it apply?

If skill says 2 weak point and it is multi hit and you actually see multiple “destruction” then it will apply that 2 points of destruction each time it hits. I know for sure that Shadowhunter dash thingy if you take 10lvl chain dash will apply destruction twice (or technically once on each dash that hits). Not sure about others.

That uncertainty makes me still desire some way to total the amount of weak point given to a trixion dummy or something :thinking: . Think it’d be simple to implement too.

Nice feedback, I totally would enjoy these features into the game!

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Thank you for the incredibly in depth post. I’ll make sure this is forwarded to the team :slightly_smiling_face:!