Trixion Unuseable Currently - BUG

Making this post because I haven’t seen any threads on the topic yet, but currently trixion has been bugged all week where you cannot make any changes in the character setting window. If you do, you get an Unknown Error message that prevents the changes from taking place when using a skill that you modified tripods on for example. If you change engravings or gems, none of the skills are useable for me. Please help bring awareness to this issue and share your own feedback so we can get this addressed. It’s making testing/planning builds impossible at the moment.

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Thanks for reporting this, chadlancermain. What is your character name and server name?

Yep have this problem on my Artillerist when testing in Trixion. I was finding it funny that with LOS 30, i dealt about the same damage than LOS 18 xD. Then was trying tripods and it gives off an error with the the skill itself being bugged, not doing the animation nor damage.

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My main character name is Chadlancermain and I am on Zinnervale EUC server