Trouble with Gunlancer

So…I love the idea of gunlancer being utility DPS. Before launch I saw some vids of him doing insane DPS while being insanely tanky. I keep hearing from everyone that he can just ignore mechanics and sit there and tank the boss.

For me, this can’t be further from the truth. Im doing wet noodle DPS and I die more often on my gunlancer than any other class I’ve been playing. I’ve got combat readiness for shielding, Ive been checking out maxroll builds, etc. For whatever reason my shield gets ripped to shreds and it takes quite a while to get my identify gauge back up to a respectable level so I can use shield again.

Im trying to use more blue skills / shield skills for extra identity regen. Im just getting torn up.

Any suggestions? The worst part is that I used a powerpass on the gunlancer thinking he’s a chad lol. I regret it.

Its an alt for me, sitting at 340, but still getting torn up in guardian raids.


I made a blue gunlancer as an alt with the power pass as well. It’s a chad, but it’s far from brainless. You still need to manage your resources and know what attacks to avoid, what attacks to taunt, and the like. There are TONS of videos on youtube about blue gunlancer and how to play it, but I will leave some tips from what I learned.

Make sure you have as much specialization stat as you can get. Even at 750 in T1 it’s going to feel marginal. I hear it gets more comfortable once you have level 3 Combat Readiness and more specialization stat.

Shout is your main skill to generate gauge - just keep in mind you have to go out of defensive stance before you use it to get gauge from it. Your ultimate will also fully refill your gauge when you get into a pinch.

If you use other shield skills like the 15% shield on shield rush or the 24% shield on Nellasia’s Energy, that shield will be consumed first before your gauge. This can help a lot with keeping your gauge up.

You’re going to need to actually avoid some of the bigger attacks. You can’t just blindly face tank everything the boss does, but you can face tank a lot of their normal attacks. This depends on how well you’re managing your gauge.

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It’s clear that you can’t tank everything, like in other games as a tank. I’ve heard that as a tank you should focus more on the specialization stat. There the question arises why one does not also go for toughness to at least have a little more Phs. to reduce damage

look up greedie on youtube. he’s the expert and has some new videos specifically for the NA/EU release.

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Do you accidentally have the engraving that is 90% less shield health?

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Yeah the video he released yesterday basically answers all the questions in this thread.

Nah. Avoided that.

Specialisation is the key, toughness gets you nothing really. It not only amps your damage by an insane amount, it also increases your shield regen. At 740 spec, i get 74% shield regen and 116% skill base damage amp

As others have said, specialization is absolutely key.

You PP’d it, so it’s a moot point - but there are definitely certain points in the game where the GL / Warlord fall off; one example (for me personally), is the Stormcry Grotto - it’s right before you get the ship.

For whatever reason, whenever I go in there, it’s like I’m right on the cusp of 50, but the guys hit for like 50 - 100.

A lot of it depends on your build, as well - if you’re always playing solo, obviously your going to load up the skills different then if you’re mostly doing groups.

I find the skill ceiling to be pretty high w/ the GL / Warlord, but that’s part of the fun.

When I’m trying to learn a boss, what I will generally do is spend some time cleaning out any add’s, and then run large circles around the boss without attacking to learn and make notes of what their attacks are.

From there, you can develop a strategy for when you can leap in, pop shield, tank this, avoid that, blah blah blah. In the event the boss is hella uber and can one shot you, then YouTube is your friend.

Edit: Additional notes.

When I first started playing the GL, I would facetank everything because I was like “oh, yeah, shield, bro”.

What I’ve realized is that it is highly situational - if you can jump in and burst down a group of normal’s, do it without the shield; as a GL, the fodder is there to get your shield up.

Only when I’m staring down the barrel of a three story slime monster looking for the Frontal Attack destruction bonus do I ever actually use the shield.

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You watched videos of endgame geared gunlancers that most likeley had great gear and you wonder you can’t pull of the same thing with 340 Ilvl and unoptimised gear?

LOL that’s not a clever attempt to the whole made up problem you try to construct. get your toon to 1.4k+ Ilvl and look how chad the gunlancer is by then.

Gunlancer is really a hard one to pull off, as you must time your skills perfectly in order to be efficient and not get completely screwed over.

Over the course of the past few months on RU server, I’ve seen some great Gunlancers, that literally melted raid bosses like nothing.

But… I’ve also seen some terrible ones, which despite having a high gear power simply did not know the raid/boss mechanics, which lead to them being unable to dodge skills, made them run low on hp, and be unable to out any damage, since they’d just be running around helplessly instead of bashing out their big ass rockets.

All in all, like with any other class, it all comes down to skill and personal preference.
If you master the class/timings, and the raid/boss mechanics, you can put out some insane numbers.

But if you suck… well… you suck, and it has nothing to do with the class being OP/weak.

I leveled up a Gunlancer and sitting at 420ish GS right now and this class is hard to learn. I have been “practicing” in Chaos Dungeons learning when to turn on/off defensive stance. I am still learning how to manage shield gauge and am mostly likely doing it wrong myself. This isn’t a matter of being good or bad but learning how to play and I know I have awhile to go. I look forward to “constructive” tips just as well as any other Blue Build would.

I tried my first Abyssal at 340gs and I was absolutely horrible. My shield melted every hit and I can’t move fast enough to avoid anything. This whole “timing is everything” is fine and all, but geez. I know there is a way to do it – I just haven’t figured it out.

Another tip is to line up the mobs properly - don’t charge in and start dropping bombs; this especially applies to the CD’s and stuff where the mobs are massive.

The GL has a pretty good hitbox on the lance, so if you pull the mobs towards you and juke a little, you can get them all clumped up - once they are, use a regular lance attack or two to stun them and then cycle into your burst window.

And Leap is your friend if your spec’d into it - it can let you move tactically into or out of a fight.

The GL is slow for sure, but has some decent abilities for repositioning.

You could go heavy armor in t1 and t2 and switch it out in t3 so you will have an easyier time while learning, also try turning the sheild off when you are not attacking or taking dmg and also when you give sheild to you party since that sheild also triggers barricade… i quess my tip is to turn it off more to save and build upp the meter… just keep practicing. i got my alt gunlancer in t3 now and dont even use potions most of the time… you will feel tanky against bosses when properly geared, but some boss knowlege is also requierd to doge certain stuff

Hi :slight_smile: I’m actually 1358 ilevel, my main is a gunlancer, I didn’t go on the net for any infos, so I might not be the real chad on this class, but here are my tips, I hope it can help you out. Btw am totaly f2p player.

1, use specialisation as your main stat, crit at secondary, the power of your shields will be great to tank and the crits can help you to dps, I personnaly use a 70/30 ratio but atm I’m more in a 30/70 'cause of the rarity of the items and their cost; I still do decent damages and tank enough to not die, or rarely against bosses like Aurion (1385)

2, use 3 skills set : one should be focus on your solo pve content with more AOE things like chaos dungeon and adventure; a second one should be focus on bosses raid (guardians, abyssals, field bosses) with more staggering skills, counter (you have 2 of them, be sure to know them and when to use them against each bosses); and one last on the book of coordination for the pvp content on this one it’s more about placement and damages input, I can’t really help you on this one because I’m bad at pvp xD haha

3, the engravings, I do like a lot the combo, combat readiness + barricade, it gives you plenty damages bonus as a tank but it requires you to be on constant shield. As a third for the stone and jewelery, awekening is a great one, super charge for damages also, or spirit absorbtion for more attack and movespeed.

4, to be on constant shield you need to use your shout skill at level 10 without your defensive stance, for that I often time my Nellasia’s Energy before using my shout, it will give me a shield too, reduce the damages that I’ll get from the ennemies after the shout skill, reducing the damages on your shield and so allowing you to tank way more longer ! After you have shouted you can “z” again to trigger your combat readiness.

5, choose wisely your awekening ability, if it’s a chaos that you often run, a guardian that you have difficult to pass for whatever reason you may have, … be sure to read well their pro and con, because you will not use the same one on each case. I rarely now use the first one because I’m used to most content, but on hard bosses like Moake where I’m clearly under geared, I use it because it allows me to take less damages and fill up my shield metter to 100%.

and last but not least, know the mechanics of each bosses, do them again and again, there is some simple mechanics that even with very low mobility you can avoid, less damages to you means that your shield will last longer until your next shout. Some mecanics can be interrupted by your shout, other can be countered (when the bosses glow blue). Remember that the gunlancer is a real stagger machine ! So you will make the bosses kneel to you very often :slight_smile: so keep your big damages skills for those moments. Use your skills wisly, it’s all about practice.

I hope those advices will help you out, I can’t help you yet on the cards choices, because I don’t have any awakened set yet.

One of the key for becoming a good tanker (BLUE)gunlancer is how efficiently you can switch back on/off with your shield (Z) after using a skill(Shout of Hatred) or filling up your shield meter w skills. Also have to learn to avoid those boss skills or mechanics that can drain your shield fast. Build is just simple as Go full Spec. stats w/ pet buffs spec 10%. and barricade engraving max til tier 2, when tier 3 add grudge max and you will be a god tanker!

I have 600 hours so far in LA (first time in lost ark), I have 6 gunlancers, the main (1355) was a struggle to learn, jumps backwards, timing shield refills, learning engraves, stats, etc, now a days I can stomp/facetank anything i can join, I ignore most mechanics (only have to do the wipes ones), the rest, usually everyone is dead and when i see around, im the only one alive, I dont use hp pots, bosses barely touch me and I have barrage 3 / grudge 3 / cursed doll 3/ combat readyness 1.

autoattacks damage goes over 200k (5 autos = 1m damage)and everything else hits close to 2 millions per skill, guardians from t1 and t2 got records for killin under a minute, the most annoyings under 2 minutes (that in groups), in my level guardians and content im always mvp, always get 30/35% damage dealt, stagger and solo support (kills in under 4 mins).

Im making the picture that I am so good now with my chad but I was SO BAD starting… im levelng 5 other chads at the same time, all to 302, then all to 420, then all to 460, now they are all 580 and it is SO EASY to stomp on everything since 302 all +0… you just have to get good with the class.

(until you can use the BIS card set, go for the 2 sets 4/2, the 4 cards set that gives you 8%hp and 2 cards that gives you damage from bosses -5%), also setup your pet to give you hp and spec.

maxout barrage to level 3 and combat readyness just to 1, dont use grudge and cursed doll untill you know how to use the class.

Same defense problem with my gunslinger.

Can you detail what your chad-build is? Abilities used, tripods, runes? Stat priority?(probably spec,crit right?) etc

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You are going to want Combat Readinees level 1 > Barricade level 3 > Grudge level 3.