Trouble with the Great Stew Cooking Item in Yorn

i love cooking


Yes this item (the meat) from this box is very rare. How to increase your chances:

Dedicate 3 Alts to only this Unas Daily Quest, with rest bonus you then get 6 boxes each day.
Thats the way I did it.

Im doing that exact method but still nothing!
Says ive done the quest 52 times but ot only counts 1 a day. Time 52 by 2 boxes a day for rested exp thats 104. Then times 3 alts and now that 312… this NEEDS to be fixed. The meat is just a myth at this point. Probably just gonna stop doing daily for it. Since its clearly a waste of time.

i just got it yesterday. 123 fishes a couple of herbs 1 meat. definitely needs a exchange mech e.g. 50 fish for 1 meat or 25 herbs for 1 meat

I got empty chest 2 days in row on my main char from this daily.
It’s frustrating and annoying enough that the droprate on this quest is completely stupid, but… EMPTY CHEST?
I’ve had a feeling I had empty chests before, but… this time I actually remembered to clip it.

I didn’t keep all the duplicate drops I got early on in the grind but… ugh.
Empty chest 2 days in row is just salt on the wound :confused:

Empty chest for the 3rd day in row on my main char.
The other 5 chars just get the usual fish or herbs.

Not true, just do it on a twink that doesn’t need leapstones. I had the meat after 32 days, was worth it

There’s only one box that these things come out of right? I’m not opening the wrong boxes am I? This is getting ridiculous, i have opened 240 and not gotten any meat.
food chests

Check your pet inventory, it might be going in there

I just got my imported meat two weeks ago so its probably really bad rng

If you could have a dedicated char for this quest sololy alone. You can get 2 boxes everyday.

… godammit. You were right about that one. :expressionless:

Guess I can amend my complaint then to the fact the game/ui doesn’t give
you any indication of when stuff gets looted to pet inventory.

(Also, I had 4 fishes there…)

Got it today after 109 quests completed.

Biggest bs in the game by far.

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little upate on this BS :confused:

Some people have really bad RNG… i got mines while i was still in t2 after 2 weeks :frowning: if i could sell my extra boxes, id gladly give them to players

Yes there is only one box. Got everything after 21 boxes.

Yeah I did get one last week, it took 430 boxes.


I’m still grinding for the Yorn meat ingredient. I even have all 7 omnium stars when I should have already gotten the ingredient by then. This is the hardest item I’m probably going to get in the game so it’s not too bad. I should have it before I finish all the npc rapport. Hopefully though this happens before I reach that point.

Got it after ~40 days since I post this one. I am happy now still it’s slightly torturing, now I am working on lullaby island secret map but it’s another sad story…

got the meat yesterday after around 100 boxes

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