True to life Co-op

Why is partying not a true to life co-op system? Say me and some friends decide to create new characters… we all start together, party up, but once we get to a venture, we get separated and have to do it solo. What is so co-op about that?

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Idk if this is your first MMO, but its a little different from a co-op game.
Generally if you complete quests at the same time, you can stick together as me and my friends have been!
There will be solo instances to do because of the story content, but quests generally have shared party progression (i.e. if I kill X quest mob, it ticks up my friends count too), and there are plenty of co-op dungeons throughout the game that you can explore at the same time!

Some of the MMOs I’ve played I guess would be more hybrid where all instances are group with little to no solo instances. I only bring this up as a few I have been playing with whine about it. I prefer solo play over group unless its a raid or dungeon.

I noticed that as well and am dissapointed tbh.
I love 99% of the game so far but wish there was a better co-op system.

For instance: ESO and Diablo 3- all party members could play/see the same cutscenes and questline for any given mission that they took a part of. This should be implemented into the game.
To me, it seems that the only “co-op” part of this game is the public dungeons.

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