Trusted account issue after the waiting period

Hello, I’ve made a post more than a month ago about the trusted account waiting period.

now that more than a month has passed and my account still isn’t trusted.
last time the CM told me to contact steam and all they did was telling me to contact lost ark support.
I’ve contacted the live chat today and they told me that there is no issue on their end and I should contact steam support
I don’t understand you’re using a feature of another platform that you have no control of then juggle me from this support to their support.
the game has applied this system to combat bots and all it did was punish normal players, the bot issue still exist and I still can’t use in game features.


Im in the exact same situation, April 25th was 30 days for me and as of 1 minute ago my account is still locked even though steam says im trusted and can use all features. The most aggravating part is it did absolutely nothing to stop or even mildly slow down bots, they adapted instantly to laundering through other channels and here we sit. My post got no response and i see another post just like this over 3 weeks old with no response. Now Im starting to see why the forums are so full of rage, this screams incredible incompetence on whoevers in charge

Like I said in my post that’s because they are using a feature they have no control of, and steam support couldn’t not care or do anything about it, the account is trusted but the game didn’t update that.