Trusted account status on different region

So I have two rosters, one on the Western Europe region (Nia) on which I can use all the different features of the game. However, when I started to play on the Central Europe region (Zinnervale) and tried to use the AH somehow my account is not trusted. I have added 5eur to my Steam wallet didn’t fix it, I have also tried to purchase in game crystals, but I couldn’t. went back to my WE server (Nia) everything works fine.
Any chance anyone could help out with this ?

tl;dr : account trusted on Western Europe region but not on Central Europe region. HELP!


Hello @Snoks,

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I hope you’re having a great time.

I recommend you to contact us via live chat or support ticket that way our colleagues can request additional information in order to escalate your case and determine what happen with your issue.

See you in Arkesia

lmao what a dogsh1t system, anyway if you bought royal crystals you should get trusted in ~4 days