Trusted Account Time To Become Trusted?

Just got to the point where I want to buy royal crystals and start using the market.

Cannot do any of this even though my steam account is 11 years old…

Found a forum post saying I needed to download the steam app onto my phone and set up the mobile steam guard.

I have set it up and still have no trusted status.

Does anyone know how long this should take or has anyone been through this process that let me know how long it took for you?

I also still have my new player moko buff but the trusted status never mentioned anything about that.

Despite all the posts saying that we need to set up 2FA on mobile to get Trusted, it looks like we actually need to buy something in the Lost Ark shop in order to get Trusted Status on Lost Ark. Buying on Steam or adding money in Steam wallet aren’t enough.

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Very good to know! Luckily I purchased 1000 royal gems just before finding out I couldn’t exchange it for gold because of the trusted status.

Hopefully my account changes to trusted status soon then.

Thank you.

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My account went from untrusted to trusted within a few hours of making a purchase and setting up the steam app/mobile guard.

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Enabling ‘mobile’ 2FA with steam guard resulted in trusted status within minutes in my case. Only one old steam purchase and nothing spent within Lost Ark itself.

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Is there a super trusted status where I don’t need to wait 3 days to use my gold?

I feel ya, but no. That’s anti-fraud system so it will stay with us forever…


Am unable to trade in game, even thou i’ve made purshases in steam & lost ark (bought 2.2k royal crystals).

still getting the message in-game : to improve player safety, the ability to send mail attachement is disabled untill accounts have trusted status.

Note : i’ve set up the mobile 2FA.

Someone help me please