Trusted Accounts


I am signing back into my account that I have not used for a few months and wanted to send some friends some mail. However it says I do not have trusted status. I have looked on steams FAQ about it and I cannot find anything that I have not meet on my account.

My account is many years old and I think I have spent almost 1000 dollars total on my account over the many years I have owned it. They are friends with me on lost ark and on steam for probably about a year on steam and since the game came out on lost ark.

I also have Steam Guard setup as well. Is there anything that I may be missing or that may be causing me to get the trusted error message when trying to send mail. I was also able to send mail when you implemented it, but for some reason now I can’t. I have not bought any new games in probably 2-3months if that would affect anything.

Thanks for any info you may provide!

Hi @Doctordamage. Welcome to Lost Ark Forums!

Hope you’re doing great.

Sorry to hear about your issue with trusted status. I can confirm that the trusted status is provided only by Steam within their systems, we are unable to manually grant it. Please proceed to contact Steam support to escalate this situation.

Hope you issue to fix soon and have a nice week.

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