Trusted Status, all the posts and answers are outdated nothing works

As the title says, I checked almost every Trusted Status related post and followed every instruction a Moderator replied, still not able to buy anything off the market, I cant engrave or build myself I’m around 1370 and I cant get further without building my char. The things I did:

  • Enabled 2 Factor MOBILE Authentication
  • 5$ or more purchase
  • Wait 2 weeks since 2FA requires 15 days to enable Steam Community Market
  • Wait 7 days since it takes 7 days after 5$ more purchase to enable Steam Community Market
  • Buy something off from Lost Ark Market, specifically Level Completion Pack with 1100 royal crystals (this one was referred as fast way for a steam account to get trusted status without going through above waits but doesn’t work)

Edit: Server: Armen, Main: Smurfanderson

Hello @anderson1

Hope you are doing great and apologize about this situation with the trusted status I understand this is incovenient and frustrating.
After rewiew your account I can tell that is a matter of time for your trade to be available, We can not manually change the status of this situation. I will be monitoring this post in case I need to share any new information.

Thank you for your patience hero!

(if anyone comes across to this post) It took 20 days from the initial setup process (2FA & 5$ purchase) to lift restrictions btw, and around day 16 I bough something off f4 shop but don’t know if that changed anything.

That is quite hardcore.