Trusted status, can't send gold

So I just tried emailing my friend some gold and it didn’t let me, even though my steam acc is for sure trusted, because I can add friends and I’ve spent more than enough money on it. Is this a bug? should I contact support, steam/lost ark?

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Having the exact same problem. Spent over 5k on steam and unable to even use the features of the game. Havent spent money yet because waiting for content Im actually excited about but I wont give anything if they stick with the “you need to spend money to use features” attitude

Same issue, I’ve spent over 50 dollars on Lost Ark and have a 20 year old steam account with many purchases. Fix this.

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I understand that you guys are facing issues with the steam trusted account status while playing Lost Ark even though you meet the steam requirements.

Wanted to ensure you guys that we are aware of it and I would like you guys to head over to this post and post the information asked by one of our moderators. That way we can compile the information together and use it to solve the issue.

Trust Status troubles

I understand the frustration and also appreciate the patience.

Have a wonderful weekend too :mage:

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estou com o mesmo problema.