Trusted status for Royal Crystals topup


I have a bit of a suggestion - and I also wanna hear the community’s thoughts on this, in hopes that it reaches @Roxx and AGS eventually.

I would love if people who played the game for a long time, never stood out negatively or did not do scummy actions like topping up Royal Crystals, then charging back via bank, Paypal to get their money back, be excluded from the 72 hours wait period for Gold.
I understand why the system is in place. I can only imagine how many exploited the system, by spending lots of money, getting RC and either doing currency exchange on the spot, or sell skins instantly, just to charge back the sum later. I am definitely in support that something like that needs to be tackled / limited.
That being said I think it would be very clever to introduce a “trusted status”, just like with new steam accounts, what Lost Ark did to attempt to lower bot population. (new Steam accounts had to add 5$ worth of currency on their steam, and follow a couple of steps to receive trusted).

This could either be having reached a certain amount of Royal Crystals topped up on your account, having a “clean” past, despite spending money, never having charged back.
Or other ways really (behavior on the steam account, how long the steam account has existed) and much more.
I personally find the 3 day waiting period after Currency Exchange, or waiting 3 days for Skins to be tradable extremely annoying and inconvenient.

I often times browse the Auction House and when I see an item, while lacking the gold, I would sometimes just currency exchange in order to be able to buy it.
The loss of that - having to wait 3 days is huge in my opinion and might lead people to especially because of that “feature” go down a dark path and buy gold illegitimately, since there is no 72 hours wait time there. (I am not encouraging anybody to do this, with the ban waves recently this would be very risky and careless - just don’t do it please, support the game legit if you are willing to spend).
Having to wait 3 days for skins to become tradable (they’re not even roster storage tradable until that penalty is lifted) is ridiculous and seriously annoying as well.

In my eyes spending money should always be a “convenient” thing.
I need some honing mats → okay let me just whale some RC, turn that into gold quickly and do whatever I need to do, or wanting to buy stuff on the market / AH.
Not having this at all anymore is seriously inconvenient and kind of contrary to the general “spending money for convenience” approach.

I am sure AGS and Steam could easily figure out a way to make this feature fair, while also bringing back some convenience for the people who are willing to spend money legitimately.
They introduced the trusted feature for new steam accounts quite quick, limiting their access to Lost Ark features, so I am hopeful we could get something similar here.

Hope some people agree with this~
Thank you for reading if you made it that far!

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