Trusted Status I'm lost

Hi, i recently started playing Lost Ark and some friend tried to send me mail for helping me but i can’t receive or send mail, because of Trusted thingy, i added 5€ to my wallet do i need to spend it or wait ? Even after adding the 5€ minimum to my wallet the features is still blocked

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You need to spend £5 on steam in order to add friends / reach trusted status, you can spend this money however you want even by buying stuff in lost ark but it has to be spent

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Oh so i need to use it okay and after this it will be unlock or i’ll need to wait a week or so ?

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Greetings @DuntySeven

Thank you very much for the approach.

That’s right, thank you very much for the contribution! @Lilith1, follow what was written and the issue will be fixed,

Patience is a virtue, regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

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I’ve spent $6 on steam to purchased a game, then another $10 to purchased 1k royal crystals in lost ark, why haven’t i receive the “trusted” status??

I’ve spend 5€ on a random game i’m still not Trusted what do i need to do ?

16$ in total and not yet Trusted ? … wtf is this

I’m not 100% sure, but you need to enable 2FA first, then add funds to your card and buy something. 2 weeks later you should have trusted.

Mobile Auth, Adding money, spending it and then Waiting 2 week ? Really ? can you confirm @JWarlock ?

Yeah, was mostly introduced because of valve games, dota and csgo. Since you can sell ingame items for steam funds and lots of scams were happening.

you mean Market shop for selling Skins ? it’s the same system ?

I mean it was introduced for valve games and LA is using steam’s trusted system even though it’s not needed for this game.

It’s been 1 week still not trusted i don’t know what i can do at this point @JWarlock

Get in contact with Steam. They can offer support or even make you trusted when seeing you indeed bought the requested amount. I think you have a better shot there than here.