Trusted status in game not a steam issue

I have my mobile authentication on
I have trusted status on steam
I have over 100 hours of in game time played
Literally anything and everything I’ve read says you need trusted status and to enable mobile authentication and you get trusted status in game … but here I am still stuck no able to use market or trade my friends nothing I see this is an ongoing issue I just need my account fixed so I can continue to enjoy playing the game I’ve gotten to a point in the game it’s extremely hard to continue on without using market or having the ability to trade

based on the latest patch notes, it could take up to 30 days (720 hours) to make your steam trusted account as ags trusted

or, based on experience on this thread : Unable to get trusted status
try buying something from lost ark store, like char slot. it could work and change your steam trusted as ags trusted account.

I’ve bought about 30$ worth of stuff off the lost ark shop it’s self and about 500$ on steam between all my games

im having the same issue and theyve been absolutely 0 help what so ever, i have spent over $100 on just lost ark, thousands on steam and have had mobile authenticator and trusted on steam for years…

One of my friends started recently and she also didnt have trusted. She bought 20$ worth of royal crystals and used them to buy the ultimate level pack or whatever is called, (the one you can only buy once) this pack gives you lots of blue crystals, that she then used to buy 1 month of crystalline aura. She got trusted status within the next 3 days.