Trusted Status in Lost Ark

I have set up 2FA on mobile and have purchased royal crystal in shop since 10 hours ago, however I still cannot trade. Please help

Hi @Huuuu , welcome to the Lost Ark forums.

We are glad to have you here with us.

For the trusted status be granted, your account will need to:

  1. Have a purchase within Lost Ark that was placed over 72 hours ago and remains in good standing.
  2. Have a Steam purchase that was placed over 90 days ago and remains in good standing.
  3. Activate Steam Guard Mobile 2FA. To learn more about Steam’s 2FA and how to activate it, check out the Steam support article

You have confirm the purchase was 10 hours ago, so please be patient. If you situation present any issue regarding the trusted status after this time frame, proceed to contact AGS customer service to report it and they would verify if an escalation is require.

Wish the best and a nice week.

Hi @Kexxelon

Do I need to fulfil all these 3 conditions? As I never have a steam purchase placed over 90days ago

As stated in this terms

It is said, 30 days of purchase(Others reported earlier than 30D) My case is that I bought a game and loaded at the same date In august 11 at 6pm gmt+8 still with a good VAC standing but not yet in trusted status. Does this trusted status will be given after maintenance?

Hello @Huuuu and @bernandino.robert ,

Thank you for following up on this thread. The basic requirements for the trust status to be reflected on our end are:

  • Have purchase(s) of $5 or more, older than 72 hours in Lost Ark.
  • Have a Steam Purchase of $5 or more, older than 90 days ago.
  • Activate Steam 2FA MOBILE Authenticator over 72 hours ago.

Unfortunately, if you have already complied with the requirements for the trust status, there is not anything else we can do on our end but wait on the system to pair with Steam’s information.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

In #1, we cannot purchase in lost ark before because we are not in trusted status. I have top up worth of 6$ and bought a game that is worth 6$ ish and set up the 2FA 30 days ago. Also as requirement of steam it is said 30 days or earlier at some cases. Is there any notification for us to know that WE are in trusted status?


Join the waiting list…

Hello @bernandino.robert,

Thank you for following up on this topic. Please note there is no kind of alarm that will let you know once requirements are met but once you do meet requirements, you can check any time you like and will see purchasing available once it is consolidated.

Good luck and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: