Trusted status information please


I have created a steam account to play this game , i set up authenticator , put 10€ into my wallet and bought the 9.99€ bundle in game, how long do i need to wait to get trusted status ?
It feels pretty much impossible progressing at any decent pase without being able to get money from the market.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about the troubles you’re having with your account’s trusted status.

To answer your question we unfortunately are unable to give an ETA for when the status will be granted. Since you already completed all of the necessary steps the system should award it to your account automatically.

At the moment there’s no way to award the status manually, so the only option available is to wait, unfortunately.

Thanks for your patience during the process.

I can give you ETA, it will take you roughly 4 days to get trusted after you made purchase in game

Oh , thanks for the reply <3
I know theres not much stuff u can do in your position but thanks for at least answering c:

Thank you for responding as well !
And thanks for the valuable info <3

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they just can’t give you ETA because there is no official ETA, even tho they have information, but I can give you because I was following this exact issues with trusted status, I am waiting for 98 days since I met all the requirements but I won’t get trusted because I didn’t buy royal crystals :frowning:

If you purchase crystals in game it only takes 3 days , dumb system

ouch , ye that kinda sucks , thats why i was kinda forced to byu the crystals even tho i didnt want to , but the game is hard to progress without market

yeah , i agree , even tho i know they had bot problems but this is killing new players i think