Try team deathmatch guild task

We’ve been trying to do the try team deathmatch guild quest but no matter how many times we try and play it stays at 0/20. Any ideas why? We did it as a 3 man team guild?

same here, cant complete that quest.

same. we accepted it just now after reset so are we behind for a whole week now? I just played a game and won and 0 progression added.

I’m being told whenever you are new to a guild you have a 2 day process period before you become a full member This might be it.

still; having issues is anybody else?

So I have figured out how to progress this (and other weekly tasks for guilds.)

  1. Be level 50 and have access to Una’s list quests

  2. Be considered a full member of the guild (so wait out the like 3ish day trial period.) You have to do this in order to gain access to guild quests in the una’s list up in #1.

  3. Do the battle of conquest quest of getting 4 killing blows in TDM and completing it until the 20 progress on the weekly has been completed.

All weekly guild objectives are completed by Una’s list quests and can only be done by full fledged lvl 50+ members. This is not stated ANYWHERE in game and is causing a lot of confusion


Thank you, Sir. We did 50+ Arena-Deathmatches and not a single one counted. :smiley:

Demiora was right.
It worked for me. You need to have Una’s queste active.
In the guild when you request the challenge it open Una’s tab where you need to accept the mission. After for 4 kills mission is complete and it will score as 4 matches in Guild.


Having this issue since latest update, does not work in ranked team deathmatch.