Trying to explain the issues to solve this silly rift that formed

Lets adress whales first

I dont think anyone care for whales , i for one was in rich/shroud twitch the other day excited to see they getting those silly high ilvls and typing do it whale , i dont think any hardcore raider care about whales , hardcore raiders are probally the most unsatisfied party with the argos stuff

So what are the issues?
Before the game came out we were promised that no content would be locked behind a paywall , this came out of amazon/smilegate mouth.

So why are people discontent you wonder?
1 month on the first big patch we are getting content locked behind thousands of dollars paywall , what makes it worst is that there are tons of fun good content that we could get released before argos , and farm the mats

What is even more surprising is eu barely could play the game for weeks , so realistically the only people up to date on eu are people who heavily paid for progress , and again no one care if a whale is 2999 ilevel , no one could care less if he gets in a raid and one shot the boss , the issue is whoever is doing those updates is aware of all this , and decided with argos being their priority

You still dont understand why argos being a priority is bad? The little eu lost ark player that couldnt log in for weeks , got completly ignored and now instead of getting cool new content to help catchup , they get a raid that is locked behind thousands and thousands of dollars on us , that probally is locked behind even more thousand and thousands of euros in eu , and is now being unable to do any content other then chaos dungeon

So you think is not that bad , well i think it is the only people getting more fun stuff to do in game is 0.0idk who many zero wales and people that rmt , rmt that come from bots , that is a issue that isnt being adressed properly , yet the people abusing this issue are getting benefitted by abusing said bots and rmt , and its impossible to track and some unlucky andy will probally get perma banned for buying a skin in store while mr rmt is doing the raid cuz he didnt got caught in the net

Thats basically it , we all on the same side and i didnt want the game to take this direction , i watched blizzard slowly burn and i dont want to witness something i like so much have the same destiny