Trying to find the reason of BAN , please check

Since i still dont know why i have been banned, and as explained before, restarted my computer one day before Lost Ark released im trying to find what is provoking this flag and ban on us.

In common almost we have more than 500 hours played, but anything more? maybe some software? logitech hub? any antivirus? or maybe anything like bitorrent/torrent etc?

I heard something about autowalk etc etc, but also you know there is a autowalk button ingame pressing T button ? this cant be a flag since you can alt tab for check any guide while char is doing that.

I appreciate @Rox if he can post here and also giving us some info, in how and when we will know if we are a false positive and all penaltys were removed.

We need some clarification, im in some point that im feeling i can be banned again, because as said i dont know what is the problem.

If you avoided the AFK timer, by using auto walk for longer than an hour, you should have known something wasn’t proper about that.

Being kicked for being away from keyboard s literally the policy of every MMO I have every played for the last 20 years.

No sir, never told that, im just saying that there is a button enabled ingame ‘’ t ‘’ that enables you autowalk, and you can use it.

Never told i was 1 hour autowalking, but also that isnt a reason for be banned

Yeah i know people using Teamviewer and other things for stay online, but the funny is that i didnt use anything of that and i get banned, totally silly.

wich software can you provoke a lag/connection similar to a speedhack? if we dont find that lot of people can be banned again and still dont know he is doing something wrong.

The fault is on their side and getting their anti cheat to work properly.

Yeah but im trying to cooperate if anything is wrong by our side until they fix their tool.

Again i doubt a lot that a computer with 4 things installed can have one that is illegal almost not purposal.

I just want to play without the paraoina provoked by this inexplicable ban, and be sure i dont want any compensation, maybe a apologize is fine but nothing more.

Feels bad when you are 100% legit player and you get pointed without reason.

Yes, i get it. You are trying to compensate for their mistake. But if they give more info then they will publicly give bots details about how they can go around the anti cheat programs.
It’s their responsibility, not yours.

I do not defend them, it was frustration specially since Customer Support gave us the middle finger during this time. But details of the anti cheat measures should never be public knowledge because it just helps bots.

No for sure they dont have to give any details of their tool, but maybe some software in our computer is flagged as non valid, i know is crazy, but im trying to understand what in my restarted computer is pointing me as cheater.