Trying to hone my gear

Name: Vicinii
Server: Asta

Trying to increase my

and whenever i fill up the gauge and press upgrade i get an error


Would like some answers :slight_smile:

its because of express mission

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I believe your issue is the issue they are aware of and are actively trying to resolve.

I’m not entirely for sure but the Discord had people with similar problems.

Indeed, seems to be related to this :slight_smile:

I can’t hone the finished items too btw, just a bump

Please, any ETA for the fix? We still waiting for hone…

Another thing I’ve discovered, after every boss rush the chests in your inventory get stuck on your cursor, have to relog to open them

changed my express mission character and it worked

I have the same problem - yes, its on my super express character, but I cannot change the character as I used the honing buff(not that I needed it because stronghold research). Super close to 1415 but my items stuck at 15, so cant get those juicy +2.5 for +16 +17.

i cant change mine :frowning: i dont know why but it doesnt let me.

Dont worry, just chill a bit, do other stuff. They will push out a Hotfix, and gief some compensation for people who lost 1st dungeons/raids during shaky startup yesterday :smiley:

So basically, I can’t Hone because my 1400+ Character needs to be forced to finish the Super Express Missions. (Multiple Weeks of T1-T2 Guardian Raids) Awesome, Took a while to let go of the rewards from those Tier completions and accept I won’t get them, but now it’s back to bite me from behind.

Not sure how it works.
I have finished everything from the Express Event. Litterally everything is ticked off.
But still cant hone past 15 on T3.

That’s insane, what a weird bug haha. Absolutely no semblance to normality. Nothing about it makes sense.

its just i had static party for valtan, consist of my friends. and now i’ve to do the raid with some random players, it stresses me so bad :frowning:

if you honed t1 or t2 gear with expressed character, then you cant hone +16 and onwards.

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The question is why?
I need 4 upgrades for 1415 so i can do Valtan normal this week…

maybe you already changed it once?

nah, never did. it seems if you honed t1 or t2 gears on expressed character you cant change it :frowning:

i cant change my mission, why game dont let me pass +15 ? this is bullshit.