Trying to understand the logic behind skins delay

Hi everyone,

Could someone explain to me why

Existing skins in the Korean version were released before some classes, requiring art and development time to rig models with skins for newer classes and the special weapons that accompany them

is the reason for most of the skins being delayed? If this is the true reason, why did we receive a sorceress instead of a summoner in the first place? Anyways, I can’t fully understand why not having a skin available for 1, 2 or even 3 classes is an issue.

I am totally fine with some costumes not being available for a gunslinger as an example (my main class btw). Why? Well, because I don’t want every character in the game to look like they’ve come from the same outfit store. Omen skins are a great example of this. Sorcs, blades, gunners etc. all share the same style and it looks boring. Sometimes I don’t even want my omen skin to be visible because many others have it, it feels less unique.

Why can’t we have more skins available for a few classes right now and get them for the remaining classes later on? Once the missing skins are added you can run another promotional event and the overall sales in theory will be even bigger.

One of the reasons why I bought the gold pack was the number of crystals it had. I was expecting many cool skins to choose from a Korean MMORPG. I do feel scammed in some way because now the game is not as popular as it was, many of my friends stopped playing and I am not 100% confident that I’ll keep playing until you guys decide to add new skins. Uncensored, attractive skins.

This is just sad.


Well sorc & summoner have the same model. They were talking about actual classes like striker, artist, gunslinger, that have unique models.

But I agree with ya. I told roxxx that it’s a waste of time & resources but they don’t want to listen. So all we can do is wait and hopefully they’ll shed some light on all of this in a week or so when they release our monthly patch


Makes sense. We do not have artists, the % of strikers is miserable and as for gunslingers…

We all have alts, sometimes many alts at this point. There is not enough content right now to justify playing your main only and not feeling like you fall behind everyone else.

I am pretty sure I’ve seen tens or more awesome gunslinger skins on reddit. Is our western modern a special one? I don’t think so :frowning:

I mean technically the skins already exist in our client so that was basically a lie. Real reason is likely because they want to modify the skins to their own specifications (Censor them).

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Probably. Why can’t they release the censored ones later on? I am sure most of us would prefer uncensored, original skins anyways.


the majority do want uncensored skins but AGS being a company without any kind of backbone will cave to even a single player being offended. I dont believe them for a second when they say that the delay has anything to do with “rigging” as if thats something that would take weeks let alone MONTHS.


This would’ve been the best way to go about releasing skins.
AGS would’ve made more money this way too, just think… If they released the uncensored skin first and made money off it, then released the censored version later once it’s complete players might’ve even doubled up on the purchase thinking it’s a new skin, or maybe because they liked it better.

What I fear might happen and would explain the delay is that they will be releasing the censored and uncensored version at the same time. But the only way to buy the uncensored is part or a 2 pack containing both at a higher price, rather than them selling them individually.

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It’s a monetization model - SG releases skins one at a time, and they rotate. It’s the same in Korea, afaik so it is in Russia, and it will be the same here. Why? Because it sells more skins than dumping them all into the game at once.

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To improve the saleability of the skins. Making more options available to you at a go allows you to choose your favourites and makes it more likely that you will only purchase those.

Releasing the skins one set at a time improves the chances that you will buy those that you may not necessarily buy if you had several options to choose from. Especially when you are tired of looking like everyone else playing your class in-game, your standards for what is acceptable can be lowered.


Creating artificial scarcity in order to make more profit.

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Completely normal concerns and attitude. I’d feel the same if I paid for any of the founder’s packs especially considering I stopped even logging in from all the accumulated frustration.

It also makes it hard to look forward to the future content of the game when they are unclear about class and skin releases. Kinda unlucky.

Is it a matter of backbone, or is it that decisionmakers inside AGS are the ones who push it forward? I find it far more likely to be the latter than the former, because AGS’s history of listening to outsiders is… well I’d say a joke but it’s more like a tragedy.

(Cue the Star Wars reference.)
Have you ever heard the tragedy of New World?

AGS is of course lying. The only reason to timegate the skins is they are moneyhungry and greedy. Releasing one skin every two weeks will make people spend way more money then releasing every skin available. Same goes for classes. This game just exists to milk people who lost control over their life and spending like crazy.

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I’m going to forward this to our Devs. Your opinion is very important to us ( even if we end up giving a fuck ).

Imagine getting that above message for like 50 times or more in topics about skins and at the end they still do it their way kek .

The goal is to drip-feed skins very slowly.
Talking about having only few skins that work on all classes is a seperate thing and just used as an excuse.

It is not a a valid reason to then just not release any skins for anyone.

I think at this point it doesn’t make any sense. If they released the skin when there were still 1m+ players for a week, they’d have made more than in 1+ month of having it on the store. Even worse when the player count keeps dropping. And I didn’t see a lot of people with the omen skins to begin with, it just wasn’t popular.

A korean mmorpg releases, and doesn’t have any skins. That’s just wild to me.


It’s not that wild when the publisher is AGS :smiley: JP version of the game already has a shitload of skins and they just got sorc like 2 weeks ago.

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The people at the top essentially ARE ags though. Obviously the employees are just people being paid to do a job. bottom line is that if they wanted to they could release these skins TODAY. Rigging does not take weeks or months. Its either greed or because they need to cater to the twitter babies who get offended by literally any amount of skin showing. Neither one of these would be considered acceptable excuses by this community. So they come up with this hollow BS excuse to try and save face.

Can someone explain to me how holding back skin releases is greed? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Eg: 900k players and they pump out skins like no tomorrow vs 300k and they pump out 1 skin per month.

It looks to me like a poor business decision rather than greed?.

Let’s be real here. AGS and SGR aren’t benefitting from delaying Avatar rollouts. They’re actually losing potential clients. So there’s 0 greed involved in that.

I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are indeed rigging the missing pieces to sets which aren’t available for all classes. Thus far, I’ve no reason to believe they’re not acting in good faith.

All I see however is that the community is quite inpatient. We live in a day and age where media is consumed at an extremely fast rate and this is the reason expectations are being ruined.

Some of us need to relax and allow SGR and AGS to find their groove. Because once the train really starts moving, itl have a really good momentum.