Trying to understand your logic

Hey dev team! Let me start out with sending a word of encouragement considering that a lot is hitting the fan during this release. Some of us survived the NW release and look upon another AGS release a few months later, being completely baffled about the fact that nothing seems to have been learned from the previous release.

How can there be so few servers (especially in EU) and with such a low client per server capacity?

How is it possible that we’re still seeing these EU prime time maintenances?

How do you expect to keep a playerbase when your game randomly kicks people out, keeps them out of the game completely for a good 10 minutes with the message “too many players” before even getting to the serverlist, and once you do… you end up last in a 22k player que.

I am very curious as this is even remotely possible, as I can’t for the love of god understand how you can go ahead with a release in this manner.

Thanks in advance for any response.

Yours… a NW survivor.

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