TTH gunslinger build. will this work?

played peacemaker forever and decided to try tth in trixion since it is way cheeper.
i have 1600 swift and 500 spec.
4 dominion fang and 2 nightmare set piece.
i have 2 awakening for always keeping the dominion buff up. i know this won’t be highest dps. but i think it’s a lot of fun and just curious if this is viable at all or is it a complete shit build that no one will invite me to groups for?

I think adding KBW and making adr 2 is better, by completely removing awakening. Because TTH provides so much crit rate. Or Raid Captain. Or both, removing Hit Master too

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Agreed in removing Awakening. If you get decent at progging your conviction judgement its not neccesary. You want as high swiftness as possible ofc. You can also drop the 2 Nightmare. Same thing: If you prog conviction judgement of CD you are fine. Running Oom is a trixion problem only then.

Additional Note: In case you dont know shoot the ball before using Spiral cause it has travel time anyways.

Go for nightmare/peacemaker

No that will not work you essentially have 3 dps engravings. Adenaline is basically a qol engraving to give tge crit you are missing. Dont play that build.

Im playing TTH too and ´my engravings are : TTH 3 ; Grude 3; Raid Captain 3; Keen Blunt 3; Hit Master 2 and peacemaker 1 … and since u lack a bit of crit cause u play 70 / 30 ratio swift spec u go hallucination set.

Instead of hitmaster 2 go adrenaline to to support your keen blunt or drop that all keen blunt alltogether for cursed doll.

You can play halu. It works but Dominion has the better dps.

Its more budget for me this way, cause i had already one 7/7 grude, hit stone and its just an alt :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t make sense keenblunt is more expensive than cursed doll.