Tulubik Rowen Problem in our Version

if you only can play at Weekend and youre server is not the full… The Queue doenst get full enough even not for a 30+ Battle… so you dont get any xp or crystals this week…

it should be changed for our version… imagine you playing SA or EUW you cant do it

on NA-E Elozwin:

Last week the 2nd Tulubik ever was a 9v8

This week’s first Tulubik was a 40v9 or something like that.

Basically, unless this becomes some kind of fill by region, most servers are never going to see a fulll run.

In general:
If you can play this game only at weekends, I have some bad news…


Rowen Faction system was a dud in KR and the ilvl gap was much more condensed for them.

With rampant RMT for 13+ months now the power gap between whales and regular players is literally a Diablo Immortal gap, in both raids and PvP. It is laughable and pathetic.

This PvP should have been normalized and the rewards should be obtainable in just a couple weeks. Even an idiot could see that.

Unfortunately greedy corporations don’t care about what should and shouldn’t be. They just care about how much whales will swipe for.

Enjoy this cancer for 12 weeks.

Seems like a waste it wasn’t made to be a cross server activity when that exists literally in every other content. Is the technology also not there even though it’s there?

Man they don’t care about good PvP. There is decent equalized PvP to build on but instead they dropped a non-equalized Diablo Immortal shit on us.

No technology needed to answer a simple question: What is the bare minimum whales swipe for?

A new class that is imbalanced in world PvP which should have been availavle from the start, instead released just in before for Rowen 12 months later? Nice.

you already have equalized pvp, what are you cryin for ?

the gap between whale and regulars? lemme inform you, sir, there are no “regulars” in this game, and the few of them are not doing Tulubik for sure, the gap between whales and the rest (nolifes) is very small

all you need is pvp engravings and a cheap card set and thats all, why would someone who invested his character should deal the same damage as you? this is an end game content, deal with it

the only thing I would say it, that queue should match people with the same item level as much as possible, but there arent enough players for this

Same today, just 8 people in queue no war starting… so no experience for me this week… that sucks

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