Turkish Founderpacks

Hi, I have a question about Turkish founderpacks (platinum) some time ago there was a lot of talk about it, namely founderpacks from Turkey were very cheap compared to what we have now, and the number of players who bought it can be counted in the hundreds or thousands. I’m asking because such a procedure can be very painful for the EU/NA market. Has it been explained?

I think the Platinum pack for $10 was a mistake, people changed store region to buy it on multiple Steam accounts but when I checked it was already changed to $70

edit: Price difference per region for illustration

Gold was listed for $5.50, Silver for $3 and Bronze for $2 for Turkey.

For UK: the Plat pack is listed for £87.99 which is almost $120 (+21% compared to USD)

It’s still 30% discount compared to USD and 40% compared to EUR
That’s more than enough incentive for RMT.

Yes, this was addressed some time ago and the team took action to normalize the price of the Founder’s Packs to one global price (based on regional currency conversion). When the game launches, we will be monitoring accounts closely for exploitative behaviors and banning those that are in violation of our rules.


Why US price is lower than EU though?

My best guess would be that the EU price has the VAT included.

There’s no fixed sales tax in the US as it varies by state so they show the price without taxes.

Will there be adjustments to Royal Crystal prices for Turkish players? Because this is affecting the Turkey region the most with platinum pack being 1/3 of a min. wage and 1/5 of an average wage. It really concerns me about royal crystal prices will be the same without regional pricing.

@Roxx May you update us regarding the issue I stated the reply above, please?