Tutorial on how to do a Solo Ancheladus?

Like the title, how can I Solo the Field Boss? It´s like everyday that Im Solo or with 3-5 more players trying to do the boss and obviously we can´t so any solution? 1x1 Boss and that´s it?

Well just get more people to fight it that satisfy minimum ilvl requirement at least.

World boss easy to solo if you know its mechanics

But raid boss appears on scheduled time on alarm is entirely different they need much more players to kill

Here’s your Enchilada

Move to a better channel either on the way or when you arrive, the lower the channel number the more bodies are likely to be there. As chunks of the playerbase disappear, and they will, you will have to do this with any event that has multiple channels.

Im not stupid, only exist 1 channel in green, just 1

There’s not enough players on the continent then.

Have you tried to recruit player via channel shoutout to do raid boss?

If that’s the case you had better get used to it or log on at or near to reset, if you can. The numbers are going to continue to drop imo.

I said Field Boss, a server boss that need 12+ players to kill before the berzerk mode

I log on when I can, I can´t change all my schedule just to stay when are more populated the server, we need a server merger

it has nothign to do with population but point in the game, majority of people are already pass this field boss so there is nor eason to run him.

you are also not bounded to a specific requirement field boss, you can go to 1415 boss while being at 1302.

Please ignore, double post.

I doubt there will be server mergers at this juncture though I have no doubt they will occur in the future. Yours is the only post I have seen regarding this so it may be there are only a few of you on at the time you can be on. If there were server transfers, there should be server transfers in any MMO, I would suggest jumping on a different server like when I was in Rift we had a bunch of Americans in our guild (I am in Aus) as they were third shift workers and when they played on US servers there was no one on in that time range.

Are you on at an odd time for your region? If you are on at a reasonable time then the decline of the game is happening faster than I thought, if you are on at a strange time then unfortunately you have chosen poorly.

By “get used to it” I meant go without and not learn to beat him solo, there is no requirement to do the world bosses, what would you like to happen, people change their playing times to bolster the numbers when you are playing?

You are in an unattractive position but I don’t see any changes happening soon other than even less people showing up in your time zone. A server merger may happen but if you are playing at an odd time I wouldn’t count on it as there may be more than enough people playing at “prime time” to warrant keeping the servers as they are, for the near future at least.

Garbage, people joining the game didn’t just stop after launch and there will always be new people joining or people running alts. I would suggest its more likely the OP is playing at an odd time for the server they are on and the decline in population.

I try that and is the same like this, no players there too

This is my third try today, just 5 players, 10 bars left and berserk, at least 5 is more than 0 lol

I have only 1 hour different of time zone so is not a region problem, is the same region server like in all games online that I play, but this server is just dead.

That is funny, I said the same but with my schedule.

I play almost all day, from 11am to 11pm, I try everyday but there is no players, If I have lucky at 3-6pm some days I can do it. Chaning my server is obviusly not an option, I have so much time and money invested, I am very advanced

Last Ancheladus before reset on Valtan server, more showed up after I took the screenshot.

Keep pushing for a server merger I guess, but I would have put this post in Feedback not General Discussion. Perhaps start a new thread there, GL but I think the game will be a ghost town before too long anyway, its been fun but its not big enough and too many problems with how everything is set up.

A lot of the game’s systems are prone to a death spiral as populations drop. Various co-op and group events stop working, like Death’s Hold quits in the second phase if it doesn’t like the number of people that showed up. That will lead to people getting discouraged and not trying, which will lead to it quitting more.