Twilight Mists bug

After walking into Twilight Mists location my game got crushed and every time I try to looad this character I’ve got game quit. Tryied other characters and they work fine. Please unstuck my character.
Neria, Character: Nolieedro

Hello, I’m moving this post to the game support section.

You can contact our support, they can move your character to a safe location.

Or our forum support staff may also assist you.

It is also worth verifying your game files to help prevent future crashes.


Hello @nolied and thank you for moving the post over @OminousOnion,

I am sorry to hear the game is crashing under this specific character. I see you have marked the post as solved so please confirm if you require further assistance of if the issue has been cleared for you.

I will be awaiting your response. :wolf:

Steam game files helper worked, and now it is working well.

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