Twisting darkness legion teleport hack

hello good, I come to report a problem that is being experienced with the teleport hack, which I have already been realizing since I went up to approximately 1300, they occupy it in the twisting darkness legion to reach the boss more quickly, even before remove the barrier that prevents you from passing.

this affects the rest of the players since it is by % of damage caused that the maps give you

video 1 taken 1 week ago Lost Ark 2022 03 21 12 00 23 01 - YouTube

At minute 2:50 you can see on the minimap how players teleport towards the boss, and I must say that they are not few, at least 10 being that we are 30 inside the door of chaos 1/3 of the players.

video 2 taken today Lost Ark 2022 03 31 14 03 30 01 - YouTube

which is seen that the players teleport across the barrier that prevents passing. There are approximately 10 players.

One way to reduce this within the “twisting darkness legion” is by making the boss not appear until 40 seconds to 1 minute, since that is how long it takes to get there, so that everyone has a chance to get the golden map .

another way would be to put a buff on the boss, which kills you instantly and also takes you out of the “twisting darkness legion”, disabling him to get the map on that day (this is the one I like)

Now going back to the topic of teleport hacks and from what you can see in the videos, at least 30% of the server has some kind of teleport hack, so I wonder if a specialized anti-cheat is actually used for the battle royale in this game.

google translate post original in spanish Teleport hack descarado en puertas del caos

I dont see any hack here. What most people dont know is when you kill the boss before the last boss you can use a teleport to go directly to the last boss. When you kill the boss a portal spawns right under his dead body - which prompty leads you to the endboss. So no hack here.

Hello @kuervito :wave:

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Firstly, I would like to let you know that we are constantly working to improve our Anti-cheat system for any kind of potential hackers in game. I assure you that.

Second, I do need to tell that this is not the correct platform to report a player. We are not the ones who can decide if the shown player is a hacker or not. We have a different role here.

However, we do have a dedicated team for this.

If you feel like the player shown in the video is hacking, please click on this link to reach out to the respective team for this : Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games

We really appreciate players who take a step against the hackers & other exploiters.

Thanks for writing, hope you have a wonderful day! :superhero: