Twitch Drop disappeared

After 3 days of several issues with the product inventory, today a claim I did went through on three Twitch drops, Saphia Pet Chest, Arkesia Paper Hat Chest and LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest. However only the Paper Hat and Helgaia Pet chests were added to my inventory and not the Saphia Pet Chest but which has still been removed from the Product Inventory in-game.

Here is a picture from a couple days ago when the product claim was refusing me to try and claim it where you can see that I indeed used to have Saphia Pet Chest:

Here is my Drops inventory on which shows that I was indeed eligible and claimed the drops:

Here is my Product Inventory in-game which shows that it is completely empty:

Here is a picture of my inventory where you can see that I have the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest and the LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest but no Saphia Pet Chest:

And finally here is a picture of my Pet Inventory which shows I haven’t claimed a pet from a Saphia Pet Chest:

Please help fix whatever has gone wrong and removed my Twitch Drop that I’ve been waiting for for about 4 days now, and just let me know if you need any more information from me.


same here

Same here too

Same :frowning:

+1 here, nowhere to be found but shows up in redeemed on twitch inventory

restart steam !!! i worked for me

Same…After maintenance I logged in and my pet was in the box, ready to be claimed in game bit as soon as I tried the server was so slow It di not work. I logged out and when I relogged the per was gone

Same here, no twitch drops, no crystalline aura yet again and no apprentice loot crate

Same here all unclaimed thing from product inventory disappeared after maintance.

+1 here. Now we can safely move to another region, I guess…

same here…

Same here, lost My T4 mount in maintenance


I also lost my T4 drop after the maintenance last night. Is anyone addressing that?

same,what we do now

Same issue here with the T4 drop after last maintainance.
it was there last evening, but couldnt claim due to server issues, this morning after maintenance it was gone.

I have missing a drop from my Saphia Pet Chest twitch. Please fix this problem. Name: Yurkiss Server: Neria

Same here, tried for 2 days to claim the Helgaia pet from product inventory, but store was always down/lagging. Then after server restarts last night, I was notified the inventory had updated, but it was only the remnants of the twitch prime pack I hadn’t claimed yet, the Helgaia pet was completely missing.
This is still the case this morning, and AGS support have given me the same “wait for them to fix economy server” message they posted on forum. But, I managed to claim the hoverboard mount without issue, so the servers working, it’s just conveniently forgot I had the pet since it restarted…

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My 5 day crystal booster has vanished from product inventory, i wanted to use it today :frowning: IGN: Deveto

Same for me with the LoLA Neugier Gold Mount, I claimed it yesterday but a message popped up saying that the server is slow and I need to try again, today when I logged in it is not there in the product inventory anymore and I dont have it in my inventory! As OP shows its also not in the mount inv… I really hope we get these items.

Server: Sceptrum, Character name: Hippoh

Yup my mount drop from twtich is gone as well. Nothing available to claim. Doubt they will fix it since it’s a free thing.