Twitch drop not showing in game


Last night I claimed mount on twitch drops. Received mount in game, tried to claim in game, but because shop was down I couldn’t. When I logged in today mount was gone from Product Inventory and mount is not showing up in game.

I tried steps described here:
How can i claim Lost Ark Loot as Twitch drops?

  • Log in to your Twitch account, and set your status to Online.
  • Complete the tasks needed to qualify for a Drop. Note: Look for streams with Twitch Drops enabled.
  • When your tasks are complete and you receive a drop, select Claim Now from your Twitch Drops Inventory page.
  • Select Connect on Drop, and the Lost Ark Twitch Drops page appears.
  • On the Lost Ark Twitch Drops screen, select Sign in with Twitch. To authorize the Lost Ark Web application to grant the drops in-game, sign in to your Twitch account.
  • When prompted, select Sign In with Steam. To link your Steam account to Twitch, sign in with the Steam account that you use to play Lost Ark.

Select Activate to add your Lost Ark Twitch Drops your account.

Server: Kadan
Character: Numenorean



this also happened to me, i also did all that but nothing

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Hi @Alpharius :man_mage:

I’m so sorry that you had this issue with the twitch drops, this sounds very frustrating and we don’t want anything to mess with you playtime.

I inform you that our development team is already aware of this issue and are working to solve in in a future patch, you can check the more information about this issue in the following link:

Thanks so much for your patience! :dragon:


Hey @Wonderer,

Thank you for the info!


Same problem have to me but nothing change if we cant take this drop we dont want to the hope for this pls tell we for that i’ll create for this topic but no one seen it :frowning:

I lost the excitement for playing this after I changed server to play with my friends, all mounts, pets, etc that I earned from twitch drops and amazon prime are gone. I mean, the currency and titles are one thing, but the rewards should be account bound

i guess this issue still persists ? im facing it right now no rewards are visible in game and on twitch no matter how much time i watch a stream i have no progress on my available rewards

Same problem for me. I claimed the LoLA Neugier Gold Mount 1 day ago. And it did not show up anywhere. I reconnected accounts many times… nothing happens. Also, I didn´t receive the celebration box. I logged in every day since 19th February, no pack, no nothing. A friend joined my server yesterday and instantly got it… it sucks… same as new world… amazon games did not learn anything…

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Hey the same thing happend to me and its still not working ? I should have gotten more drops after the fox mount but i got nothing! I should have gotton he other drops by now sadface !

I have claimed my twitch drops on TWITCH itself but I have not seen anything pop up ingame or in steam ??
Why can I not see anything ?

good morning I also have the same problem. I redeemed from twitch two drops but I did not get in the game

Hello i have the same issue i claim the saphia pet chest 13 days ago i still don’t find him
server : zinnervale
charac : Jonsin

Not seeing twitch drops in-game either. Drops are claimed and accounts etc. linked.

I’m having this issues as well. I’ve linked all my accounts and claimed the drops but they do not show up in-game.

I claimed the Saphia pet drop on Twitch but it’s been over 24 hours and the solution was already done. I connected all and still nothing.