Twitch drop problem 25 feb

Hey, so yesterday and now I cant see any drop from streamers when its says drop is “enabled” I have already linked the account.

Id: Grumpyasian
server: kadan

Hello! :mage:

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums, and congrats on your first post! I’m sorry you aren’ able to see the drops on twitch. Just a quick question! By that do you mean that you don’t seem to be making any progress towards the completion of the goal?

yh, it doesnt show any bar for the item.

Hi grumpyasian!

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I’m sorry you aren’t able to see any bar for the item.

When watching a participating channel you will earn progress towards a Drop. You can check your progress at any time by checking your profile menu looking under the Drops menu item.

Remember, you can only earn progress towards a time-based Drop on one participating channel at a time. You can also check your progress towards Drops within a campaign anytime by viewing the Drops Inventory. When you have reached 100% progress for the active Drop within a campaign, you will receive a claim notification at the bottom of chat. For time-based Drops, if you are unable to claim the Drop in time, you will be able to claim it from the inventory page until the Drops campaign ends.

The Drops inventory page can be accessed at any time. From here, you can view the Drops that you have earned, your progress towards any active time-based Drops and to connect your Twitch account to the participating game developer’s account if you have not already. For time-based Drops you may notice that some rewards are locked and you cannot earn progress towards them until you have earned and claimed previous rewards. Upon claiming the prerequisite Drops, these Drop rewards will unlock.

Please let us know if you are able to access after this.

yh all of that I know. but still like in the image I linked here. U can see what I mean. I know that I can only watch one stream to progress, but nothing shows up.

Yah this twitch drop thing is so confusing. Mines not working either. Did everything in that orange font script. Even tried creating another account. Tried on desktop and phone, and for some reason they show separate campaigns.