Twitch drops after "forced" server change

so I spend multiple hours on twitch over the past days to get the twitch drops. Today my friends started playing but couldn’t join my server (witch was at no point full, always “good”) I started on a new server with them even though all my stuff was on the other server. You already addressed the issue with founder packs, but what about the twitch drops? I also automatically got the new drops also on the old server. Is there a way to get those drop to the new server? If not, does that mean that in the future also all the drops will go to the wrong server?

Thanks in advance


I would like to know about this too.

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They will go to the server you claim them on, from the mail.

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Well i didn’t have any mail on the new server and once i loggen into the old server to check I had the mail there. Are you sure about that?
Plus I already did claim drops before the launch yesterday so I already got it on the old server sadly

Yes, I’m sure about you being able to access the drops from other servers. Although, not after it has been claimed. I was speaking about future drops.

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Okay thanks for the info, maybe you have to relog into the server to see it. But I still have most the drops already claimed on the old server since I didn’t think the low populated server i did choose would be blocked for my friends on Friday. Well maybe they’ll start over now that servers are open again