Twitch Drops and Founders Pack?

Hello, I have redeemed the following twitch drops and have not recieved them.

  • LoLA Starter Item Set
  • Saphia Pet Chest
  • LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest
    I have linked unlinked all my accounts and verified my game files. Still no drops!

Also looking for an update on when we will receive our second Founders pack? I purchased the platinum pack and am feeling a little cheated when I had to decide between playing with my friends or the cool character I created prior to launch.

Thanks for any information!

I also haven’t recieved any twitch drops

Did you also link on playlostark page? I had same problem but had only linked steam and twitch…

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I’m not support or anything but have you done these steps for each drop:

  1. Claimed Drop on Twitch Drops at Twitch
  2. Signed into Twitch, Linked to Steam and Activated Twitch Drops for Lost Ark at Twitch Drops | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG
  3. Claimed it in Product Inventory in game, if they have shown up yet
  4. Claimed it to your character so it would be added to your Character Inventory?
  5. Registered it from the Inventory by right clicking on it.

The easiest step that I missed at first was step 2. Once you claim it on Twitch Drops you need to activate it on the Lost Ark website. Hopefully this helps but if not someone should be along to help :slight_smile:


Step 2 missing for me as well lol

Thank you so much bud :smile:

This helped out with the Twitch drops!

Thanks for sure!!!

You are both welcome!

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