Twitch Drops and Platinum Skins are gone from my Loot Inventory


on Tuesday evening I got the new Twitch Drops in my Loot Inventory. Sadly I wasnt able to receive them, because the “shop was too slow”. On the next day the Twitch Drops were just gone and since then Im waiting and praying to get them back.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: The new Platinum Founder Package reward that I should get isnt in my product inventory aswell. My friend allready got it.

Second EDIT: I received the Platinum Founder Package rewards but the Twitch Drops are still not in my product inventory.

I got the same Problem. I claimed all Twitch drops but didnt get any. Same with the new Founder Pack compensation, I can’t claim them ingame and i dont have them in my Inventory.
The last item i could claim was the powerpass.

Thanks for any help.

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