Twitch Drops Are Poorly Done

I am EU player and Crown is NA streaming in the worst possible timezone for me, even worse they stream 2 hours only. Then today I see a German stream I can get some progress on! Yaayy!! Then you remove them as participants on the drop so I LOST that progress to my cute fox pet. Thanks to Crowns pitifully short stream I can’t get that fox.

So often EU players get the short end of the stick. I couldn’t find on your site those EU streamer today, it was randomly on your twitter. Why are none of the big streamers getting the main drops people are after??

I am not ever going to buy a pet from the cash shop knowing I should have gotten one for free first.

There is only one drop you have to watch the crown channel for, compared to the 4 you’ll get from other streamers.

You kind of can’t blame them for having a drop exclusive to their own channel. You are still going to get 4 drops if you can’t manage to catch one of Crown’s streams.

I’ve just left my phone on with the stream going when I slept kek