"Twitch Drops from Europe Central will be activated on Europe West"

Lies. Nothin but lies.

How is this a lie, if they stated it will happen AFTER the 7th March? Do you have the clairvoyance ability? Time machine? Have you AT LEAST hacked their information servers to confirm they won’t do it?

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Because correct would be “Twitch Drops Rerun”. “Activation on EU West” is a fucking lie because im on EU West and there aren’t Twitch Drops.

Wrong. Twitch drops which are/were claimed on EUC before 7th March will be “copied” to EUW. The rerun is for those who failed to watch for 4 hours while they were there the first time.


Edit: Oh yeah its true, sry for bothering you but I didnt read the announcement. Nobody has time for that. Their headline should have been “Twich Drop Rerun now and old ones copied to EUW on 3/7”

Make a new twitch account, link it to your EUW account, profit? Stop complaining!

This does not work, seems to be only one per steam account