Twitch drops not appearing in game

Hi there,

I haven’t received my Twitch Drops in game. I went through the full linking of the accounts and watching the 4 hours on each of the currently available items yet even after activating the drop and waiting the full 24 hours, none of them ever appear in game.

I made sure I’ve signed into Twitch and linked my steam account.

I see that the drops are viewed as “Claimed” but I am unable to receive these drops in-game.

May I get some assistance please.


Hi @Shoopuf Welcome to our community :man_mage:

I’m so sorry that you had this issue with the twitch drops, this sounds very frustrating and we don’t want anything to mess with you playtime.

I inform you that out development team and the Twitch team are already aware about Twitch drops not being reflected on players account after having all account connected, and are working as quick as possible to solve this situation.

Thanks so much for your patience! :dragon:

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