Twitch drops not working for me

My twitch drops haven’t shown up For months and I’ve put in tickets with twitch and Amazon and nothing has been done to correct the issue. I’ve done everything they asked and nothing worked. Every time I ask for an update they say they are working on it. I get there are probably a lot of issues but I want my unicorn and other items.

I had the same problem for months.

Go to Amazon’s Lost Ark website specifically this page

  1. Scroll down
  2. Link your twitch account
  3. Link your steam
  4. Click activate
  5. Boom, 10 minutes and you will receive your drops.
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I’ve done this, I received the at first and then it stop working. Tech support walked me through delinking everything thing and nothing. They said they’re working on it but I have yet to hear anything. Every time I ask about an update I get nothing back

I tried that just in case it works though thanks for the advice

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Please let me know if you receive your stuff :3

It did work! Thanks strange that that what was preventing the drops and customer service didn’t know about the fix

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aww am happy that it worked for you tee hee
yes they don’t, they should hire me uwu

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