Twitch drops with server change

Hi! I am an Italiano player that decided to transfer to euw from euc, but of course I lost my founder pack and the Twitch drops, can Amazon do something at least for the Twitch drops? Or I lost them forever? I still have my character on euc

Hi there, I hope you are doing great.

To answer your question, Twitch drops are not transferable, if you already claimed the twitch drops on your first server then the drops won’t be available anymore.

Thank you for your understanding and I wish you have an amazing week.

Well you need to reconsider this, because this is unacceptable, a big slap in our face… We are almost forced to move because 3h+ queue, then we lose stuff we earned.
Great job really.


Amazing. you get a finished product and still manage to do misssteps like this. This will be New World all over again, right? It’s almost as if you got a special division whom only purpose it is to kill a product.

How are twitchdrops not account-wide?
What level of fragmentation are you dealing with so this seems a impossible task?


Reconsider this, do whatever you need so we can either reclaim these drops or have them sent to every Roster the player has created.
I can’t believe we’ve been on queue for hours while waiting for EUW servers and then we only get 500.000 silver as “compensation”.

If you don’t have a way to know who claimed these drops and have these people recieve them automatically then give them to everyone (even if it sounds radical and unlikely…).

Just think, most of the players claimed these drops watching people play WHILE being on queue… and no one asks to be on queue.

EDIT: Just saw we have a chest with a mount, an instrument and different items to help us progress, that’s nice but please, reconsider a return of the Twitch drops for those who moved from Europe Central to Europe West. Thank you.

Anyway, in 2022 mounts and pets being not account bound is pretty underwhelming…
I know it does not change much, but I wont engage myself in this game with such flaws.