Twitch pack dupe

While I was queueing I was sleeping because to queue to Zinner is 6 hours long. When I got on I saw I had a bunch of chests full of money so I redeemed them. Later ontoday while talking to friends I found out that there had been a bunch of dupes so I read posts on the forums and reddit about how they will ban people for duping.

I didn’t intend to dupe anything but I have 100k more silver now and haven’t spent it, what do I do?

We are not banning anyone, but we will be revoking items that were claimed in this way

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That sets a bad precedent. The ones who did it numerous times knew what they were doing. New World died because people were not banned and continued to exploit. They absolutely need to be banned if you can tell it was intentional.

definitely ban the players. The “fix” caused me to lose an entire day of early access as i’m unable to progress in the msq.

From what they have said, it was unintentional and caused by a database fault.

I got banned for this but it was a dup platinum box. I didn’t realize the second box was a bug, I did send in an appeal for this though.

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But I was banned because of this.

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I was also banned because of duped plat box that should not have been there. Please look into this matter.