Two accounts is allowed right?

I don’t want to pay for character expansion slot passes.


I don’t think he said at the same time just in general. And it allows you to bypass the 6character server cap for gold farming as well as double dip on events.

I think it’s a little sweaty personally, but I get why people would want to do it

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Well, I’d want to do that so that I can try more classes on the same server without wasting my time (so that I can utilize the extra gold from events/regular content) and send gold to my main account. Win-win, I wouldn’t do it just to farm extra gold (though I’d like to make gold while enjoying playing with my alt characters as well), I’d like to do it because playing different classes is pleasurable.

You can have 10 different accounts but you can only engage with a single account at a time.

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That sounds fair. I’m fine with that.

The CMs aren’t always on the same page so not sure if this is official but this was what one CM said .

No essentially.

The only official statement I have seen says players “should not” but there is nothing saying it is not allowed that I have been able to find. Personally I don’t think multi-boxing should be allowed but I am not going to trash people who do it since as far as I can tell it isn’t actually prohibited currently.

I saw different official statement, then:

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Allowed? No.
Will this rule be enforced? Not really.

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If someone reports one of the accounts it might tip the scale towards ban.

Possibly, yes. But most likely no one will find out / care / provide enough reports for someone to look at.

Not like you should go around in ocean chat saying “Lmaoooooooooooooooo this is my alt account eks dee”

After so many hours of playing this game I wouldn’t be surprised if someone actually did something that stupid :joy:

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Thanks, missed that, still, it’s a cm statement and not in the tos anywhere but yes i’d say that counts as an official statement

Basically it’s like @Skillo said, in KR it’s impossible to have multiple accounts because they require your Social Security Number or other ID to create an account, since we don’t have such requirements here nobody covered this case in ToS.

You should be fine as long as you play only on one account at time, like two people sharing PC would.

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This is incorrect. You can have at least 3 accounts in KR with one id.

For NA/EU they said it’s one account per person.

That’s interesting and so against what our CMs say…

Two people, one computer - is this ok? - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (

Yes you can have two accounts if two people are playing them. Yes you can use one computer to play as long as both accounts aren’t logged in from the same computer at the same time.

Yes you can play with your wife / gf / kid / dog / cat and help them as long as you are both playing on different computers at the same time.

I’m playing with my kiddo who started recently and I help her out to catch up to me.

Ask @Subdriver | @BusDriver

I don’t know if it’s against the rules in KR, but you are able to register them just fine.

I do know it’s against the rules in NA/EU.