Two daily guardian raids

After a few months of playing LA, the worst daily you have to to is guardian raids. Its ok to do them with your main even if your group wipes and it takes a few tries but after that you have to repeat that shit again with your alts. It can easily take an hour to do two guardian raids if you get shit MM group. Why cant AGS change the guardian raids to one a day just to speed up the daily chores.

This game is marketed to be alt friendly but at this stage it is not.


I’ve started doing dispatch raids for 2 of my alts.
You get the rewards, you get stronghold exp, you don’t need to waste ~30 min of your life for a few stones.

If you have more alt characters, you can switch between them so the resting bonus will stack.

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Hey, here is another thing you can do:

If you only do one guardian on a single day (or skip both souls for a day entirely) you get a rested bonus.

For the following days you only need to do one guardian to get double rewards until you decide to do two guardians, depleting the rested bonus.
The rested bonus for guardians is a second soul spawning after defeating it.
It even counts twice towards the weekly.

You can keep that cycle going indefinitely as after using one soul and using up the rested bonus, as you only used one soul you will get the rested bonus back on the following day for the unused soul.

That should save you another guardian kill a day without missing out on too much stuff if you don’t have the time or just don’t feel like killing two :slight_smile:

wtf are you saying ? I dont care about doing it “when the restbonus maxed”. The whole point of this is that people are so bad at this game that using MM to do two guardian raids take all fucking day. Like today, i have tone one guardian raid in 90mins? Why do i have to strugge to do daily content?

this is BS

with a DPS class you can solo them.
or use dispatch…
i use dispatch special missions

if you use dispatch you get shit loot. No point of using it. THE WHOLE PROBLEM IS THE TWO A DAY. Wtf do you give bandaid solutions to a falwed game design.

Use party finder and accept people who know what to do. Even low-level guardian raids should take <10 mins per raid, you just need to understand the mech of a guardian & use the correct item if needed.

Huh? Just do the easiest guardian for which tier/ilvl you’re in. Ur’nil if low ilvl alt… Tier 1 turtle if mid/end ilvl t1

Shit takes 5 minutes

because we can’t change the game design, but try to give you solutions …
sorry for trying to help.

the problem is not doing them, this is the reward who is bad.

It gets way better on t3. The runs take ±5 minutes, even way less once you’re fully geared and high iLVL. Rewards are quite decent too, especially for the time required.

That’s why my suggestion would be to ± ignore them while leveling your alts. Dispatch will still give you something (the same goes for the rest bonus). If you really want the extra 10 stones each day, just use the party finder & examine mechs of a guardian so it will take you ~15-20 minutes max for both clears.

The rewards from 2 guardians daily are pretty terrible as well. Not much worse then dispatch mission. I am doing only one on my alts. It’s boring to do 10 guardians every day.