Two friends quitting cuz of SA inflation

The SA server prices went to over 200% inflaction over the last few weeks and friends of mine who play dilligent with full roster made the calculations and wont be able to get 5x3 until clown arives.
This realization made them loathe the game, pheon prices, crystal prices, etc. They cant reasonable make more money ingame. They alredy play around 4hrs daily and if a f2p can´t be ready for new content drops playing 1500hrs this truly aint a f2p game.
So im here to give this feedback for you guys, they way inflaction is going on SA well keep bleeding players to the point of death.
Whatever you guys plan to do need to happen now. Cant wait until clown.


Ive been past 1475 for over a month, if they cant keep up with content playing 4 hours a day, they are the problem


They are over 1475, the problem are the engraving requirement dear. We can get on a conversation about arbitary community requirements, but that wont change the real problem of overgrown inflation causing gaming exhaustion.

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Imagine pushing 1475+ but not having 5x3. Bad resource management. Yep, they are the problem.



If they are 1475, they have 2 months to get 5x3. Doesnt seem like a problem to me, also they dont even need 5x3.

i like how it was also 2 months left 1 month ago.

That said, people are realizing that the alt and farming needs are retarded, and its expected to have a bunch of quitters. i’ll quit once its not “worth” anymore too. This was expected since day 1, doesn’t take a mastermind to realize how ridiculous the game core system is.

It was feesable two weeks ago, but engraving prices on SA went 200% in these two weeks. acessories with +3 class are selling for 190k. They make 50k a week avg. At these rates they might buy around +15 books before clown. Put pheons, auras, acessories on the bill and they might be endgame ready at december.

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Honestly no idea what youre trying to say here. Youre playing an mmo, but dont want to grind a bit? I have 5x3 on 3 of my characters, its not that hard or necessary.

Theyve gotten 500 free pheons since launch, i dont get what ppl used them on other than gearing their main first… as soon as i hit 1415, i saved searches for what i wanted in the ah - and bought them 1 by 1 over the last few months using free pheons

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experience may vary :tm:

It is f2p but you can’t get to the very end game if you started way later tho :thinking:

When i started i was 3+ weeks behind argos and now i’m a reset away to be 5*3 with 1480 ilvl and 72 quality weapon

someone in the game can afford it and someone can’t. Is SA server huge separation between rich and poor people? Maybe the prices are tuned to the rich players playing the game

That seems to be exactly what’s happening

It seems like only a small percentage of SA players can afford the non regionalized pricing right now, and along with the 3 day hold and Summer Skins, leads to it rising a lot

Honestly, I was told by someone that “well the players don’t pay attention and put in whatever recommended sell rate so it’s their fault”

Tin foil hat time, the system has an algorithm that does that… if sales are low, the system will suggest higher gold prices for RC buyers

When RC to gold is higher? It entices more people to buy because they get more for their money, thus keeping the supply going

I don’t expect it to lower drastically, but it would raise at an organic rate

However with such a small percentage only being able to afford the prices… that system pushing to get more people to buy and supply BC… yeah, it’s a mess

And are BC buyers going to just pay up? Some do because they have no choice, some are quitting instead

Honestly yes, while the players are at fault for choosing the recommended amount and not realizing they didn’t have to

I think SG is partially to blame as well for that recommendation to get people to buy

Hat off

BC in NAW has also rise almost 200%. From 400g to 1200g. Very disheartening.
Sooner or later it will reach 300% or 400% increase for sure
Inflation is everywhere. If every player have 2 friends that quits. We gonna end up with 1/3 of player left in the game,

And they will blame the SA community. This company is a joke. I’ll never put my money in a game that AGS is involved somewhat after Lost Ark. Amateurs. They don’t respect consumers.

I mean, they are F2P.

They were never contributing to the game anyway.
In fact, them leaving is good for SA because that’s 2 less people fighting for BCs.

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This inflation is getting out of control, imagine being a new player that didnt get the free pheons and is trying to build their character, what a nightmare…

I’m sorry to hear SA situation atm. But maybe lost ark isn’t really suitable for your friends since they can only spend such time to play. Lost ark is very grindy if you want to play it f2p.

Some ppls might be harsh enough to say its they problem. But really, this will need ags/sg part to solve. Some might think this as a rant if you put it into forums.

I can only say, maybe, play at your own pace. :+1:

I dont think ags cares if f2p ppl quit they make no money off yall lol