Two-Tone beard bug fix didnt fix the bug. The "fix" actually made it worse

Before the patch, the bug would make my character’s beard go full orange or full black base on where my character was in the world. Some arean or well lit area like Punika my character would have full orange beard, and other places it would be black. Now it looks even worst because my characters mustache is always orange everywhere. This was not how the character looks in the customization screen. It should really have a little orange everywhere, mostly all along the chin and jawline.

Thank you,

Bearded Man

Hey there, waya121!

Thanks for the write up, I’ve been following the situation regarding beards closely lately :face_with_monocle: .

I’ll get your writeup over to the development team for you.

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You might want to get that write up over to support too as this change screwed up existing beards permanently too.

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