Two-tone hairstyle transparency bug

Hello AGS & SG,

There is an obvious bug with the two-tone hairstyles, as part of the hair becomes transparent in certain cases, making things look weird.

Here are two screenshots demonstrating this issue, notice the hair:

This bug occurs seemingly randomly, as my character moves around. Sometimes it’s not transparent, sometimes it is.

I wonder, is this ever going to be addressed, or should I use my login event reskin to use a non-two-tone hairstyle?

It has something to do with weapon glow I suppose.

I don’t believe so, it happens on my other character as well which doesn’t have a weapon glow up there. I can’t tell what does it. Also, even with the glow, if you don’t have a two-tone, it’s not an issue. Transparent hair while doing Vykas this week on that alt mentioned without a glow.

Interesting. My character hair only bugs like you describe when I have weapon glow on. If I hide the glow effect, the hair is normal again.

Actually, it could be connected to the glow. The other character did have a weapon glow, but it’s a scrapper, so the glow doesn’t come close to the hair.

Hi there, kevr.

What server is this character on?

Character name: Kevrblade
Region: NA West
Server: Mari

Thank you for taking a look!!

The second character I noticed this on which also has a two-tone style hair was my scrapper with the following details:
Character name: Kevver
Region: NA West
Server: Mari

Not a problem! I’ve sent this over to the development team so they can take a look into this for you.

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pls help my sorceress

server: euc calvasus
name: ämidst