Type of currencies in game

Will this game have so many different currencies just like WoW? I watched the youtube guide and beside the royal crystal, blue crystal (sounds like Breaking bad) gold, silver there’s also Peon and other coins?
Will this be too overwhelming for new players?

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if a new player cannot figure out 5 currencies, 2 of which aren’t really monetary at all, they maybe should steer clear of a new game that requires to learn tens of thousands of new things between exploration, quests, skills, dungeons, glyphs, cards, materials, etc etc etc.

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The game does a good job of slowly introducing content and relevant currencies over time so you should be fine.
However, you don’t even know the start of it.

If you want to just absorb all the information at once, you’re going to be absolutely overwhelmed with how many different types/ways to obtain/spend there are.

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Weew… toxic…
I can assure you there will be many other new players who will overwhelmed with this different type of currencies to play AH… housing… In game currencies etc etc…
Maybe you are veteran players and have all the experience and have mastered the game. Not everyone have the same level of knowledge as you

How exactly is that toxic? If people are overwhelmed by a couple of currencies, it is a safe bet mmo is not for them.

You on the other hand are posting silly useless questions about whether or not people can handle to learn 5 currencies. I mean come on, ask a useless question get a useless answer or so they say…

In other words if you don’t understand this play something else