Typing number in game chat

Why is it censored? blocked? from me typing Number in game chat???

I was typing “that guy has +23 weap.” in guild chat which followed up with i typed something inappropriate word contained??? how is that inappropriate???
Also it doesn’t even let me type.

I know censored word show up as **** but how come me typing certain number doesnt even lets me type it?

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That’s really strange, Darfin.

What is your server name and character name?

I’m playing on NA Vykas server.

and my character name is Jüruru.

also its not just me who cant type it. my guild members also said they cant type certain numbers

Here is the screenshot of what i typed

Thank you. I’ll send this over to the development team for you.

The chat filter is utterly crap and we have been reporting this since day 1, still zero improvement.
Or a choice where we can disable it.

Chat filter is crap. It even blocked me from telling my friend I would leave my paladin at 1400. Or when I link an item by itself to chat. What’s inappropriate about an item???

Sorry to hear you’ve had a negative experience with the chat filter. I’ve sent feedback over to the development team regarding this issue separately as well.