Tytalos help needed

I cant get past this raid i have seen guides how to do it, and i get in the tornado when he begins his stuff, i then get knocked out of the tornados and die to his wipe. I just cant see how i get over this boss.
Im in tier 2 content just cant get into tier 2 raids. What can i do to not get knocked out of the protection?

Seeing you have already studied the mechanics, then it’s easier to explain.

By the looks of it you are also trying him solo since you are not talking about teammates here.

So the natural approach would be to keep DPS:ing him as usual until it should be time for his wipe mechanic to start - then chill and make sure you keep 1 stack or something and play it safe until the mechanic is over. You can always also pull him away from his whirlwinds since he walks faster than they move (the whirlwinds will keep moving towards you, but then you just rinse and repeat the previous step).

And if that fails do as too many others - create a party finder room and ask for a carry or pay up gold to get boosted :stuck_out_tongue:

Potato proposal: Oh in addition to if you play solo - then you should only need to succeed in getting the invulnerability buff once or twice, because you have all three lives for yourself.

What region/server you at?

EUwest stonehearth. I think ill just skip raiding, no point in raiding tier 1 only when equipped with tier 2. you need to do damage and watch what he does and avoid getting hit, and time the tornado in a split second because the immune on last 5 seconds. Havent died on any raids before this one. But I guess this is the end station. Have tryed 10 times now. If just there were some kind of warning or countdown on screen to the wipe.
But I also know the raids in Lost Ark are hard, so maybe im not ment to get over this one.

you can’t do tier 2 or higher without doing the previous. :slight_smile:

Do people know you can run away from his wipe mechanic if you fail getting stacks?

I know thats why I just skip it completely

Only one thing left to do then…